How Seedbie Works

Running a project has never been easier.

Creators will start a campaign by creating a page where they will set the funding goal, give the necessary details about their project. They will mention what they will offer after the project is completed.

People visiting the Seedbie website can see all the details on project page. They can comment and ask questions about their projects. If they like the project or product, they can back the projects by giving their money through payment systems.

After the campaign period is over. Project owner gets their funds through bank account transfer or mobile banking. Project Owners will keep updating about their projects so that backers can see the progress.

What to do?

It's simple and hassle-free.

Create your campaign

Start your campaign by creating a project page. It’s easy! Just Sign Up and hit the Start campaign button.

Share your plan or prototype, what you want to achieve, why you want your project to be success. Show your passion, your dream.


Get feedback

Before launching the product for the real world, it is really important to get valuable opinions of the early adopters. Get feedback or suggestions on your project or product which will help you to improve your product or project.

Also, our team will review your project page to give you suggestions for improvement if needed.

Launch it to the world!

Share your campaign with others. Share it with your friends and family. Use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Email. Be creative with your marketing! Don’t be afraid of doing some crazy stuffs…

Remember, it’s your responsibility to introduce your project to the potential backers and get funded.

Track funding progress

Track your fundraising real time – from your dashboard. Set your funding goal. And track where you are now, compared to your goal. Analyze if you need to add more to your project page.


After successful fundraising campaign, you can withdraw your fund through bank account or mobile banking.

Now go on to make your dream a reality.


Keep backers in the loop

Getting funded is not the end. Keep working with your project, as well as keep your backers posted. Share your progress with your backers through the campaign page. Get their opinion; keep them engaged. Make them feel involved.

Remember: Backers want you to succeed like you do. So, count them in.

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